SEEK Culture Consulting Ltd. or 云南喜临文化传播有限公司 was born during the COVID19 pandemic. The company was created as a reaction to significantly deepened cultural gaps, when the pandemic sadly divided the world, intensifying a new hostile mentality towards China. Thus, the first company goal is to build bridges, to counteract unfounded fear and distrust, and to create better understanding between the West and China.

May it be through travel consultancy for expats in China who want to know their host country better; or for foreign guests interested in exploring other faces of this huge country, other than the ones presented in media abroad. May it be through artistic exchange projects e.g. in the performing arts, or in music; or through cultural and outdoor educational projects seeking to open minds of future generations.


Founder Sylvie Elena Krauss is an international arts manager (Cultural Studies M.A.), and a storyteller. With 20 years of professional experience, fluent in 4 languages and having spent her life traveling the world and settling down on 3 continents, she has lifelong been seeking to connect cultures in whatever possible way. From Germany to Québec/Canada to China/Beijing she now calls Yunnan province in the very southwest of China her home. Confronted with huge cultural differences upon arriving in China made her start a blog: to write down stories, simple anecdotes, to witness life and to pay tribute to all the people that she meets, and stunning places she visits. The blog eventually developed into SEEK Culture Consulting Ltd.

Through journeys, stories and photos, SEEK wants to share experiences with whomever is interested. Through arts and exchange projects, SEEK hopes to contribute a tiny little bit to the big dream that is World Peace.

Come dream with us!
Come journey with us!