Hiking & Nature

  • David’s Testimonial

    David’s Testimonial

    “Not as a “hiker” experienced, but from the point of view of a mountain lover. We visited one of the most beautiful trails ever, the altitude makes it feel a little challenging but in the end the good company, amazing virgin nature, and of course kindness of Yunnan people I felt so connected. The trails…

  • Valts’ Testimonial

    Valts’ Testimonial

    “Organized by Sylvie three days high mountain trail trekking at JinSha River, Yunnan was extraordinary experience of beautiful mountains, cliffs towering into the sky and turquoise river peacefully flowing its way hundreds of meters below. Although the trek itself is not for fainthearted, the opportunity of seeing magnificent scenery and visiting remote, much unchanged by…

  • Adam’s Testimonial

    Adam’s Testimonial

    “I joined a hiking trip some friends planned with Sylvie, that included summiting Haba Snow Mountain. The trip was so incredible I reached out to Sylvie the following year to plan another Yunnan hiking trip, this time around Yubeng Village. Sylvie planned both itineraries and took us to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. My…

  • Julia’s Testimonial

    Julia’s Testimonial

    “One of the most memorable tour I have done in my life was the Gongga snow mountain trekking tour with Sylvie. She is a great tour guide, always caring for the safety of the group members and well experienced. She took great care that we had the right equipment and that we were well prepared…

  • Anna’s Testimonial

    Anna’s Testimonial

    “Für mich hat das Gesamtpaket aus Wandern und Natur, kulturellen und historischen Einblicken sowie dem Miteinander in der Gruppe gestimmt. Es war es eine tolle Reise und ich bin sehr froh, dass ich dabei war! Danke Sylvie :-)” Anna, from Germany, living in Beijing. Yunnan Circuit & Hiking, September 2020.

  • The Great Wall & insides on China’s society

    The Great Wall & insides on China’s society

    Last weekend, I went on a Sunday-trip to the Great Wall. Tommy, a Chinese guy I had met, proposed to go to Simatai Great Wall, in Gubei Water Town, about 2 hours north-east of Beijing. We met at 7h in the morning to drive off, and we hit the most beautiful autumn day of all times!…

  • My first hike outside of Beijing: ShangFang Shan National Park

    For my first hike outside of town, I joined a Russian group of hikers to go to ShangFang Shan National Park, just 2 hours south-west of Beijing. This Russian woman is organizing these excursions approx. once a month, for her and her Russian group of friends in Beijing. A friendly crowd. It was amazing to be in…