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“South of the Clouds”, as the name translates, 云南 YunNan is the most southwestern province in China that borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Its capital city Kunming is also called “The City of Eternal Spring”, as it has a comfortable, temperate climate all year long. Yunnan is famous for its Pu’er Tea fields and tropical rainforest in the south, as well as for its snow covered mountains in the north, providing views of unforgettable landscapes for nature lovers. What’s more, the province is home to nearly half of the 56 ethnic cultures that cohabit the country: From the DaiZu in the very south, to the HaniZu, masters of the rice terraces in the East, the WaZu in the West, or the BaiZu and NaxiZu around Dali and Lijiang, to the MosuoZu at northeastern Lugu Lake shared with Sichuan province and, of course, the large Tibetan population in the Northern regions. Yunnan counts as one of the most diverse and colorful Chinese provinces. As part of the Southern Silk Road, Yunnan is a province where cultures meet and exchange, for some 2000 years. Today, economically speaking, it is considered and promoted as China’s gateway to Southeast Asia.

Every Yunnan Circuit is unique. SEEK puts together a private, customized itinerary for your small group of travelers, according to your interests and preferences. Away from the crowds (as much as possible!) and always connected with local communities, filled with insights and local specialties, SEEK wants to introduce this beautiful and very special corner of China to you in a very personal and flexible way. Our goal is to give you a unique and enjoyable experience, and a lasting memory that stays with you long after you’re back home.

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Some inspiration for your trip to Yunnan: 1) possible stops Yunnan North / 2) possible stops Yunnan South

DEUTSCH: Für deutsche Gäste, hier ein paar Anregungen zu Orten in Yunnan: 1) mögliche Reiseziele Yunnan Nord / 2) mögliche Reiseziele Yunnan Süd

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