Valts’ Testimonial

Organized by Sylvie three days high mountain trail trekking at JinSha River, Yunnan was extraordinary experience of beautiful mountains, cliffs towering into the sky and turquoise river peacefully flowing its way hundreds of meters below. Although the trek itself is not for fainthearted, the opportunity of seeing magnificent scenery and visiting remote, much unchanged by the time villages of Naxi people, was worth every step on the way. Sylvie’s experience and excellent leading of the group made it not just possible, but a remarkable adventure to remember.

Thanks to Sylvie’s planning it was not just a hike, but an excursion to see Jade Dragon Mountain at close proximity, as well as the Tiger Leaping Gorge, where calm elsewhere JinSha River is squeezing through narrow gorge making powerful white rapids. The coffee in the Tea Horse Guesthouse at a mountainside overlooking Jade Dragon Mountain west slopes was unexpected treat of great taste of properly brewed coffee at more than 2 km height and tranquil place to contemplate on accomplished in past days.

I am so grateful to the entire group of wonderful people for the much of support on the way and great times together. Special thanks to Sylvie for this opportunity! I am truly looking forward to return to the region, to explore more of the natural beauty and culture in Yunnan.

Valts, from Latvia (based in Beijing). JinSha River Winter Hiking Trip in 2024